Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Farmhouse Delivery Membership include?

Membership includes a delivery of fresh, local produce each week (or every other, if you prefer). Plus you can add any of our local dairy, meat, baked goods or pantry staples to your order. Members also receive invitations to special events and learning opportunities like cooking classes, farm visits, and access to a wealth of recipes on our Web site.


Where does the produce come from?
Always Texas, no exceptions. Most comes from farms within 150 miles of Austin. We venture a little farther out for specialty items like citrus, avocados, apples and mangoes. Even so, we stay within the great state of Texas!


What is the cost of membership?

There is a one-time $20 fee to set up your deliveries. Select either Large Bushels for $39.99 or Medium Bushels for $27.99 and set your delivery schedule for weekly or every other week. Learn more about the benefits here.


How many people does a bushel serve?

The Large Bushel should serve 3-4, and the Medium Bushel should serve 1-2 people.


Do you deliver to me?

If you live in Austin or Houston, we probably do! To find out, just click Join and enter your zip code. If your home address isn't currently part of our delivery area, your office might be and we're happy to deliver there. 


Is it a problem to deliver to offices or apartments?

We are happy to deliver to both offices and apartments. Just make sure we have your gate codes and/or special instructions to make the delivery seamless.


What is my delivery day?

When you sign up, you'll receive an email with the delivery day. Our schedule is based on zip codes. Still curious? Check here, call us or email and we will let you know when we deliver in your area.


What if I am not going to be home?

Your deliveries will be packed in plastic bins with ice packs, and any especially sensitive items are insulated with additional ice packs. You may also leave a cooler outside, and we can easily transfer the items in your bushel into your cooler. Please be sure to contact customer service to leave a note indicating that the driver should transfer your items to the cooler.


Can I choose the items in my produce bushel?

To some degree, yes! While we love getting the variety of seasonal produce from area farmers and sharing our cooking suggestions, we know that you and your family may have dislikes and they may change each season. To set and update your preferences online, sign in to your account. At the top of the screen, access the 'My Account' menu and select 'Acct. Options.' Click the link to ‘Modify Your Personal Information’ and choose your vegetable dislikes.


What other foods can I include in the delivery?

We carry many cuts of meat and poultry, farm-fresh dairy and eggs, artisan baked goods, pantry staples and some prepared foods. You can add them to your order just once or with every delivery. Visit our market page and add your selections anytime.


What is the deadline to change my order or delivery?

Order deadline is 10am two days before your delivery day.


How do I join and pay?

You can quickly and easily join and pay through our website.  You will be charged for your order the day that your delivery arrives.


What is your cancellation policy?

You can put your orders on hold or cancel at any time for any reason, as long as it is done over the phone by your cancellation deadline.


What about the bins?

Your fresh produce comes in plastic bins, which we reuse. Please leave the empty bin outside on your next scheduled delivery day, and the driver will make the exchange. We also reuse as much of the packing materials (ice bottles, egg cartons, shredding) as possible. If those items are salvageable, please leave them in the empty bin.


How is this different from a CSA?

Farmhouse Delivery offers variety, flexibility and convenience that cannot be offered by a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Because we source from many different farms, we can offer a broader variety of produce throughout the growing season. Unlike a CSA, you do not have to pay for the season up front, and you can skip a delivery or alter your schedule as needed. You only pay for the deliveries you receive. You can also customize each delivery and let us know which fruits and veggies best satisfy your needs. Best of all, we come to you!

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