When you shop our store, be assured you’re getting the best Texas has to offer. We’ve done all the hard work and research for you. Here are our criteria:


1. 100% Local

If it wasn’t grown in Texas soil or produced in Texas, then you won’t be able to find it at Farmhouse. This isn’t an easy way to run a business, but we believe it’s the right thing to do.  It means that celery is only available for a few weeks and that we have to really hustle to find organic onions. The benefit of seasonal eating is you get to experience the produce at the peak of freshness, and you’re supporting the food producers in your community.


2. Beyond Organic

To deliver the best produce our region has to offer, we go beyond national standards. We personally visit each farm to learn about how they apply sustainable and organic practices. We prefer farmers who take a holistic approach and ask the following questions:

      • Would we feed this to our children?
            • Do they take care of the soil and the land?
            • Do they use applications or try natural remedies first?
            • How do they practice water conservation?
            • Do they use non GMO seeds?

Our meat, dairy, and egg producers adhere to the highest animal wefare standards.

  • Poultry and Eggs - All of our chickens are cage free, pasture raised, and have no physical modifications. They have access to a coop for shelter and safety, but spend most of their day in the fresh air before retiring in the evening. They are processed on the same farm where they live their lives.
  • Bison, Goat, & Lamb - None of our ranchers have permanent indoor facilities. These animals rove on pastures their entire lives. The bison are slaughtered on premise, just like the days of your great-grandfather.
  • Beef - These cows graze on grass in open pasture their entire lives, watching the sun rise and the sun set daily. On occassion, their diet is supplemented with grain. They are transported only a short distance for slaughter.
  • Pork - Our pork comes from pigs that roam from pasture to pasture. They cool off with misters, more hygenic than wallowing in the same place.
  • Milk - The milk that we sell is from cows living in pastures. During feeding time, they come in to be milked, then mooove back to the pasture to graze.

3. Great Taste

We sell only products we love. Our curated selection offers the best in every categroy. From jams with local fruit to small batch bread, we've foraged Texas to bring you the most unique food. If you ever get anything you don't like, we'llmake it right so your satisfaction is guaranteed.


4. The Naughty List

We make sure our products do not contain dyes, high fructose corn syrup, unnatural preservatives, and ingredients you can’t pronounce.


When you shop at Farmhouse Delivery, you are voting for quality food with your dollars. If we work together to support producers that believe in our approach, the more we can help them flourish.

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