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Support Small Texas Farmers, Ranchers, and Producers!

Farmhouse Delivery is the easy solution that keeps your employees healthy at home and office. We are Texas-founded and owned, delivering local, sustainable, organic meals & groceries to your office and employees' homes.

At The Office

Keep hunger at bay the healthy way with...
Fresh Fruit Boxes

Healthy Snacks

Prepared Lunches


At Home

Save time on shopping with our...
Online grocery & easy meal planning solutions
Weekly discounts on fresh produce boxes with a custom coupon code
Additional perks & discounts on easy meal solutions

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Farmhouse Delivery is a great resource. Our employees love the convenience of having fresh produce delivered each week. This provides healthy, local groceries without a trip to the store. Farmhouse makes this program easy for any company to implement at the worksite. We consider this a good value add to our nutrition and wellness offerings at NI."
- NI, Susan Thompson, Wellness Director

"It is the intention of a lot of people to eat fresh, healthy food. but lack of access and time are the biggest hurdles for so man. As a dietitian, I couldn't be happier that Farmhouse Delivery bridges the gap, conveniently bringing high-quality, local, and seasonal produce directly to customers This program helps people significantly increase their fruit and vegetable intake, which is no doubt the key to living a long, healthy life.”
- Apple, Natalie Butler, RD, LD, Registered Dietitian

Why does providing fresh fruit & vegetables for your employees matter?

Health insurance premiums will decrease as a result of healthier employees.
Providing nourishing options at work can have a lasting impact on employees behavior and overall health.
Fresh options in the workplace lead to happier, more creative & more focused employees.

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