Want to introduce local, wholesome, and delicious food to your community? Whether it's your office, your kid's school, or your neighborhood, it's easy to have local produce, meal kits, and groceries delivered.

Farmhouse at the Office

Farmhouse delivers to offices of all sizes, from small start-ups to multi-campus corporations, helping to encourage healthy eating for employees and eliminating the need for rush hour grocery store trips.

How It Works

Contact Casey (casey@farmhousedelivery.com or 512-787-3904) to set up a complimentary lunchtime cooking demonstration or a brief introduction to your team at the office. From there, anyone can create their own personal Farmhouse account so they can start receiving a weekly delivery of local produce, meal kits, and groceries to the office on the same day, every week.


  • No cost to your company. Employees set up and pay for their own accounts.
  • Convenience. We deliver once a week on the same day, always during regular office hours. You'll always know when to expect us. Your goods will arrive in self-sufficient, insulated containers that don't require coolers or containers from your office.
  • Eat well, eat Texas. Everything we deliver is raised or made in Texas by small-batch producers and is hand-selected by our buying team with the very highest standards in taste and sustainable growing practices.

Farmhouse School Giving

Farmhouse works to get healthy food on your family table while also giving back to your local school. Whenever a teacher or parent signs up with Farmhouse Delivery, the $20 sign up fee gets donated right back to the school, keeping your dollar working for the future of your local farmers and your local schools.  All new customers should simply enter "School Giving" along with the school name in the 'how did you hear about us' field at check-out.

We also have a limited number of Farmhouse gift certificates available for school fundraising efforts, so please reach out if you are organizing a booster or other school event requiring donated prizes.

Finally, Farmhouse can be a part of parent and teacher social, booster and other special events to help raise money for your local school and increase awareness about local food. We can either set up a booth or brief introduction with teachers and parents or even a complimentary interactive cooking demonstration. Just contact Casey (casey@farmhousedelivery.com or 512-787-3904) 

for more information.

Farmhouse In Your Neighborhood

Want to earn money and be a hero for bringing local, wholesome, and delicious food to your neighborhood? Invite Farmhouse to host a complimentary cooking class* (a $200 value) in your backyard, kitchen, block party, community center, or wherever you like to gather. You bring the friendly faces and we'll bring the tasty food samples and cooking entertainment.  Just contact Casey 

(casey@farmhousedelivery.com or 512-787-3904) to get started!

*Due to the cost to Farmhouse of providing neighborhood cooking classes, we ask that a minimum of five attendees sign up for at least one Farmhouse delivery.


  • Earn Farmhouse Credit. As the host, you'll receive $20 for each new customer who signed up at your event. *minimum of 5 sign ups required*

  • Support sustainable delivery. The more deliveries we make in each neighborhood, the lower the carbon footprint. Multiple deliveries in a small residential zone leads to more gas efficiency from our delivery vans and significantly less gas used by you and your neighbors having to drive to the grocery store.

    Eat well, eat Texas. Everything we deliver is raised or made in Texas by small-batch producers and is hand-selected by our buying team with the very highest standards in taste and sustainable growing practices.

Our Mission


To build a strong local food community by connecting our members to the farmers, ranchers and artisans who produce their food. Farmhouse Delivery partners with local farmers and ranchers to deliver the highest-quality, sustainably produced food to our customers' doors.


We believe that food and community are interdependent. Water one, and the other grows. Feed one, and the other thrives. To feed the next generation of Texans, to ensure a strong food community tomorrow, there's work to be done today. And that's what we're here for.


We passionately support the local food movement, and want to make it convenient, affordable, and exciting for people to eat healthy, seasonal, local food.